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Tonight, I am starting to type this post at 9:52pm. If I cut down on the number of sleeping hours, the article will be finished in about 2 hours. On average, bloggers spend about 3.5 hours writing per post. The frustrating part is most readers spend less than 40 seconds skimming our articles. This is completely deflating!

Normal Business Day for a working mom

For my first blog, back in 2015, I probably spent 6 hours writing the “Perfect post.  Unknown to me, no one was even able to read it. I spent more hours writing, which is the fun part, then constructing an actual blog properly. Most likely, there were probably about 15 articles written and posted before Google Analytics gave me a big fat 0 for engagements on my first monthly report. This was a super fun realization or a slap in the face, whichever you relate to more.

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Now my goals are very different. Writing is still my creative outlet, but tasks are prioritized to functionally run a business. Days are spent refining my supermom capabilities, running my main gig, and all out craziness. When my kids are older, the schedule will be even more hectic. We are just starting the t-ball phase this spring. At night, my time must be well-organized.

One of the resources I’ve recently found (& love so far) is This is a task organizer. Yes, it probably sounds silly.

I’m actually a really organized person, so there was a lot of hesitation to try it. I like it though. Toodledo turns my ever-growing task list into a prioritized get it done fast stay on track hub for productivity. Its simple and efficient.

Plus, on my unmotivated and lazy days, the gentle nudge is good to keep the momentum going. This is a good place to start, when creating a business or blog. There are plenty of to-dos in the beginning. Even if you are not running a business, this is a good place to start! If you are a mom with any of the following, Toodledo is amazing for organizing kids, work, pumping schedule, chores, and penciling in time to relax. I would time to go get a massage and facial without feeling guilty about it. The guilt is always there, so anything I can do to lessen this burden is awesome.

Best Part, it is Free! The updated version is like 3 bucks a month, super-duper inexpensive.


is a powerful, online to-do list. Keeping track of all your tasks will help you avoid disorganization, stay motivated and be more productive. Check it out.

Fiverr to help start your blog

Another benefit is prioritizing tasks correctly. Again, this sounds simple. Yet most people who start a business or blog allocate time wrong. You have to build your audience (link) first. Bloggers need readers. This is a no-brainer. You want to follow a specific process. Seriously, you need to connect a few resources to pull in readers.  

If you still have doubts, check out “Write Less”. Let me explain in detail why this is important. Our goals are shared, setting up your business or blog the right way the first time. For each post, you need at least 10 graphics. With the changing rules on Pinterest, the fresher your graphics the higher your posts will rank. Yes, google “fresh pins”. It’s a real thing!

Are you still feeling disorganized? Check out my post on Make it Easy – Fiverr. It will certainly keep you motivated.

If you have kids that get sick, you should know how to navigate healthcare. Without this resource, you could be paying hundreds or thousands more then necessary. Save yourself time and money!