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My Insane Life Under A Microscope And How To Organize

It’s 5am right now. This blog article was not going to write itself, so I’ve chosen to sleep 30 minutes less to jump start my day. Yes, that is probably crazy since my bedtime is generally 11pm. I run on about 6 hours of sleep during the week to make the most use of my time. On the weekends, I slack off by sleeping in a little (7:30am), make breakfast with my kids, and goof around with my family most of the day. During the week, it’s time to be productive.

6am - Workout Time!

It’s super difficult to get up in the morning to exercise, especially when it is still dark outside. When I was nursing (aka pumping with a child who stopped latching), there was little time to workout. I would nurse for 20-30 minutes, which completely depended on the baby and milk supply. Then try to be active for about 15-20 minutes. Mostly, I had time to stretch. Now, my baby sleeps! This means I have time to burn off the baby weight. My exercise regiment is high intensity workouts 3 times a week for 30 minutes, with light lifting or running the remainder of the week. Check out my workouts on Pinterest.

There is always a day during the week, working out is just not possible. I overslept, baby work up early, work started early, or I stayed up way to late blogging the night before. Therefore, I save a weekday to be my recovery day when no exercise occurs. My off day is different every week. The best thing I taught myself is not to stress about it. Life is unpredictable and chaotic. I need to give myself a break sometimes. 

Oh, to save time I sleep in my exercise clothes. Literally, I fall out of bed on to my yoga mat and start working out. It is a massive time saver, just like Toodledo.

The next victory is to get dressed and make coffee before the kids are awake. There have been plenty of days where I’m in workout clothes until noon, where I finally get to go shower. Really, it is the first opportunity!

7:30am Kids Wake-up

My daughter is always first, starts cooing from her crib letting me know its time to eat. She gets hangry fast. She might get that from me.. oops. My son is adorable will read books to himself in bed until he is ready to come down for breakfast. He actually cannot read being almost 3, but you would swear he does by listening to him. The kids are my priority. Scheduling time with them is essential. As a working mom, I do not feel bad about telling clients I’m unavailable at certain times. It does not even bother me when there is a kid screaming in the background. I simply cherish the fact being home with your kids is amazing. Start a blog in 30 days. That’s why my 30 days to Launch business plan is so important. I provide real guidance on how to manage starting your own business, while spending real time with your family. 

No need to compromise, I don’t.

9am - Work

That’s right, I’ve officially logged into work. The trip was relatively short as I’ve passed the kids to the teachers at our in-home daycare or my husband, whom also works from home, walked to my home office and curled up in my favorite chair. Not having to commute gives me back hours in my day. I used to have an office, but it seemed unnecessary as soon as I realized my clients could care less where I was located as long as my work was superb. Generally, breakfast (oatmeal and grapefruit) is devoured at my desk each morning. 

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Now to get moving! There are a few tools that make my hectic life function. Seriously, use these everyday


This has to be the most popular posting software on the market today. I fought it at first. Unfortunately, I quickly learned this is the best in my opinion. It is great to have posts scheduled around the clock and keeps your business forefront with clients. 

This turns all my tasks into a manageable schedule, which I can actually accomplish. When I wrote out my to do lists previously, it would look overwhelming making it difficult to start. Now, I only see tasks that are relevant to that time of day. Huge Win to help focus you

Toodledo.com is a powerful, online to-do list. Keeping track of all your tasks will help you avoid disorganization, stay motivated and be more productive. Check it out.

I do not have a background in marketing and my creativity is not easily digitally portrayed; therefore, I hire help. Over the years, my skills have certainly improved. It’s just not worth the time to sit at my desk and fiddle with formatting pictures, logos, website pages. My focus should be on clients. That’s why I use Fiverr for most of my marketing and administrative work.

Love it! When I do create my own social media images, which is still extremely often, I need Canva to help. The best part is you can format your work into any social media dimensions that are necessary for the post from a template. Make sure the templates are made into your own, so the bots associate the image with your website. 

4:30 Family Time

The end of the day is completely relative. It is more like hitting the pause button.

Most, if not, all of my clients know that 5-8 is family time. My family and I are completely normal, nothing remotely fancy about our time together. We play trainings, hang out at the park, read books, and goof around for a few hours each evening. At 6, it is time for dinner, baths, story time and bed for the kids, who are still young enough to comply with an early sleep schedule. There are nights when I may need to check emails or return calls, in all honestly, I try to do my best to limit it.,

Once the kids are down for the night, it’s adult dinner time! That’s right, my husband and I cook and sit down to dinner every night. We do not even have the tv on while we eat…. Except a few nights when we cheat. This carves out a solid hour with my hubby where we prioritize each other. Believe it or not, we still have date night. It’s not always a regular occurrence as things come up. It is necessary.

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8pm - Night Work

Yep, I’m back at it!

For the next couple of hours until bed, I’m working on my blog, company, or toodledo tasks. I should say, I work until my brain starts to power down. I work at night for flexibility. This keeps me from working over the weekend and allowing time with my kids every day. Often the tv is on in the background, I’m in lounge clothes, and talking on the phone with friends and family. My goal is efficiency. This way I can maximize time with my husband and kids. There are always days this is accomplished better, but I give it my all to have a balance. It is also nice to sleep in on the weekends, make brunch with my family, and not worry about work. Nobody needs the stress!

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