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Entice your Readers, Giveaway a Free Gift

Welcome Back! I cannot believe it. You have a blog, built your audience, and almost have a fully successful business. There are only a few steps left. What a world-wind in less than 30 days. However, we not are done yet.

We need to keep your audience engaged. Yes, you still need to keep building your audience! In all honesty, this step is never really complete. Especially, if you are selling products. You want to continually be present with your audience.

A lot of articles state adding a newsletter or signup link, like the below, are essential to marketing to your audience. This is definitely important, but not absolutely necessary. The goal is to capture the emails of your viewers. This way you can send out marketing, after marketing, after marketing material and promotions to your network.

I have a GoBizMom SignUp, click to the right. It should be on your website or blog; however, not essential at the start.

GoBizMom Signup

In my experience, posting on Pinterest and Linkedin is far better than email marketing. The reason 80% of the time emails are quickly deleted, end up in spam, or returned to sender. Plus, you can easily get blacklisted. Seriously, look it up! The thought of my beloved email address being blacklisted is petrifying.

The bottom-line eye-catching headlines or graphics are far better methods to lure in your audience. Viewers are already interested, when they click into your Pins and/or Posts. Keep the viewers attention by offering an e-book, online course, or a discount for clicking. There are several pop-up widgets for free and compatible with your website. Sign up and create a giveaway pop-up. Just a note, make sure it is easily dismissible. Otherwise, viewers will just close the webpage, sky rocketing your bounce rate. Also, allow a few seconds for the viewer to start reading before the pop-up is present. Pop-ups must be timed well. Here is our example:

GoBizMom Giveaway

If you are not sure where to start, these are pop-ups I’ve personally used: (Please keep in mind my site is powered by WordPress)

Pop-Up Domination, JetPack, Poptin, and MailOptin

Post your giveaways on Pinterest and Linkedin. Once you have an audience start adding additional social media platforms if you want, totally your choice. A fun fact: Pinterest has more social media followers than all other social media platforms combined. BAM! That’s why we start with the best.

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