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30 Days to Launch – Make it Easy to Succeed Guide

New Bloggers – Stop making easy tasks difficult. Yes, as bloggers we tend to agonize over ever detail of our websites and marketing material. The smallest speck of inaccuracy can send us into a spiral. We endlessly modify fonts, punctuation, and paragraph structure until we’ve been through every option. Realizing after a wasted hour or two, the original selection more than sufficed. Needless to say, we may be wasting precious time. Anxiety can certainly cause second guessing, which makes it extremely difficult to get a blog up and running quickly.

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Ideally, new blogs should be launched quickly, within 30 days. Yes, keep the momentum going! The more obstacles the less likely the blog will come to fruition. In 30 days to Launch!, the main goal is to create content while building an audience. A blog cannot be complete without people to read your material; therefore, spending time creating marketing and site material is not imperative.

30 Days to Launch GoBusinessMomGo

Yes! I’m seriously saying having you personally create your logo, headers, marketing, and other website pizazz is no worth your time. Our time is precious, mostly due to being limited to 24 hours in a day. Of which 8 hours are spent sleeping, 1 to dress, 3 hours eating, 8 hours working your full-time job, and the remaining 4 with our kids. That’s right, as entrepreneurs we rarely get a full nights sleep. Personally, I barely sleep 6 hours. (insert pic of late-night clock) That is until I crash, which is when my husband lets me sleep in, gets the kids up in the morning, and makes breakfast. After happily oversleeping, I stroll downstairs to my fabulous family who now has a much more coherent wife/mom.

The solution

It’s easy, use Fiverr. Do you like my logo? Honestly, I used Fiverr experts who created a logo and headers for all my social media profiles.

Here is a great example: It is simple!

  1. Create an account with Fiverr (I’ve provided a shortcut link).
  2. Click on Graphics & Design or Digital Marketing headers
  3. Scroll through the advertisers, pick someone who stands and start coordinating!

This is How to Really Start a Blog! None of us actually did this totally by ourselves. We all could use the help. It is important to have a stunning website and eye-catching marketing, readers will have no idea whom initially created the work. As long as you do not plagiarize. As we all know, that’s a big no-no. I have plenty of ideas on simplifying and streamlining your blog or business.

Are you a new blogger? Or starting a new business? Download my Goliath Blogger Cheat Sheet. My 30 days to launch series is just the beginning. To take this series to the next level, I’m listing out the best of the best blogger resources. Seriously, this actually works! There is 5 clear steps to success, all you need to do is signup. Plus, it’s free.

If you are still tinkering with ideas, check out Set it up right the 1st time. As new bloggers, it is easy to make mistakes and really unavoidable. What we want to prevent are the repetitive errors that cause most bloggers to fail. Most businesses fail within the 1st 3 years, blogs have an even short time frame. Success is not imminent.

How does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr is a collection of freelancers, whom specialize in different aspects of business, marketing, and development. Their are experts to assist with logos, SEO, content marketing, business cards, administrative services, and countless other absolutely pertinent functions to help a small business grow.

The amazing part is work is guaranteed, most experts really work to ensure the end result is superior. As a long-time buyer, a few years ago I transitioned to a seller. I swear, check it out (link to resume writing). With a view from both sides, Fiverr has grown into an enormous resource for small businesses. The best part is most experts are individuals, like us, are trying to launch a business or earn extra income. There is bound to be an expert for you, given the thousands of sellers who are part of the Fiverr community.

Seriously, Fiverr can help! This is one of my favorite resources. For all my businesses, I’ve used Fiverr experts to create amazing, modern, and consumer appealing logos. While I had an idea, using this resource allowed my vision to expand well past my own creative ability. Check out my logo…. Yes, of course, its Fiverr.

Download my Goliath Blogger Cheat Sheet! Its Free!

Also, it is worth it to add in an extra edit or revision in your package. Rarely, will anything be perfect the first time, so make sure to calculate re-visions into your package. Trust me, this is definitely a great use of time. Now, lets get back to building your audience and creating a marketing giveaway. Download a marketing template today as a thank you for visiting. I really appreciate all my readers.

Marketing Template – Yes, it is always absolutely free!