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Let me Right your Power Resume for a Better Life

Ooops, that was a silly typo. Most resumes are riddled with errors that are glaringly obvious. Punctuation, grammar, and formatting all need to be perfect. Has anyone proofread your resume?

I’ll be honest, I’m a terrible speller. However, my strength is still writing resumes. I just use my husband as an editor to scrutinize my work, even my blog posts! It’s easy to ask, a little more difficult to accept the feedback. If I had to guess, most people probably have this problem. His ability to peer over my shoulder while writing is super helpful!

Resume Writing and feedback

Either way, it is time to re-vamp your resume. There are a few common mistakes that occur repeatedly! Please restructure those long-drawn out sentences that have combined into extremely wordy paragraphs. You quickly lose your audience. Most importantly, the striking details about your skills have no impact and vanish into the lengthy paragraphs. Your potentially new boss retained nothing. Check out how my article on how to WOW with a Fantastic Resume.

Keep it simple – Bullet Points are perfect!

Also, by keeping it simple, you eliminate the fluff {link}. You have 30 seconds to grasp your audience. Take out the unnecessary details. The only items in your resume should be important points related to the job posting that directly relate to the position you are seeking. Nothing else matters!

Less is More – Just what matters

Now that you have deleted most of your resume, let’s keep going. The simple details are listed in bullet point format, which is a great start. We need to do some wordsmithing. All the bullet points should start with action words. Do not describe your responsibilities, showcase your role in the organization. What makes you the best? What did you accomplish? Give yourself an active voice within your resume. Trust me, you do not want to be passive or dull. This is not the time to fade into the background and conform to mediocracy.

Action word examples: analyze, develop, create, construct, build, formulate, etc.  (Listed in the past tense for prior job descriptions) You also need to add keyworks. Learn the best options for keywords in Fantastic Resumes in 3 Steps {link}.

As a final touch, you need a grand header! Be creative. There are a few examples on my resume page to get you started. Make sure your name and contact information are clearly stated at the top of each page of the resume. Continue consistent formatting throughout.

Grand Header – Be Creative

If you are looking for how to tweak your resume, email me. I’d be happy to offer a few free suggestions. I, myself, use an editor. Seriously, I’m not a perfect writer and the critiques are helpful! Let me Right your resume.