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How to Really Start the Best Blog

Business Mom working on laptopIn 2015, I started my first blog, Healthcare Deciphered. It was a total disaster! I read dozens of “How to” articles, which I thought would guide me. The articles I read made it seem so easy. The truth is it is easy to launch a web page in 20 minutes or less. It takes serious perseverance to start a blog.

Now just a few years later, I have a couple really great blogs. It’s time to share the actual method to starting a successful blog. Hint – It’s a business.

  1. Titles Matter

Keywords are the only way to ensure your blog is easily found on my viewers. You want to make sure your title contains a popular keyword but has a unique term to point back to your specific topic.

Use a Keyword finder to generate the best title!

SEO to find the best title

Why is this important?

When I started my 1st blog, I went to a site where you could purchase a domain. I put in several ideas, until an available domain was available. What I failed to realize is the domain was available, since I was using a terrible word choice. HealthcareDeciphered was the name of my business, so it made sense to me to name my blog similarly… WRONG! Healthcare is an extremely popular term, about 80K searches a month. The problem, Deciphered, literally had 0 searches per month. I’ve found over the years, most people are not even sure how to spell it. It was difficult to organically appear in searches. Do NOT make this mistake.

With my next blog, business strategy appears in about 30K searches per month, coupled with the term “Mom” resulting in 3k searches per month. Now I have a blog that is easily searchable. Make it easy for your blog to be marketable, use Keywords!

Once you have the perfect title, picking a domain, hosting site, and launching your webpage will take a few minutes in comparison. Take the time to pick a great title. There are tons of keyword finders, I suggest KYFinder (above) that also rates the keyword by difficulty, in addition, to providing the number of searches per month. You can also use Google Adsense, WordStream, WordTracker, and Moz.

  1. Join Pinterest – Group Boards

Yes, I’m really saying to join Pinterest. It works! Plain and Simple! Pinterest has nearly 200 Million Active Viewers each day, which is a great audience to target. Plus, it is easy to setup a business account for your blog. The best part is marketing is fast and simple. Honestly, it’s easy!

I joined Pinterest with my 1st blog, Blog, HealthcareDeciphered, to sell my book. You guessed it! The book is titled Healthcare Deciphered: Exposed and Uncensored. I was old school, definitely thought selling your brand meant selling under the name your clients know and love. WRONG AGAIN! You are marketing to people who are not clients, so the name means nothing in the beginning. What you need is an eye-catching graphic! That’s where Pinterest is the best forum to start promoting your new blog.

I quickly created an account on Venngage and Canvas. Here is a trick for new bloggers. Create 3-5 infographics for 1 article. I’m really serious about this. Different graphics resonate with people, so you need a few options. You can track the “Pins” that do the best, so later you have a better idea how to market to your audience. You need variety! Just look at my pins below, which one do you like? Guess what? All link to the same article.

3 ways to instantly build a successful blogWork from home and blog

  1. Write Popular Articles

I know, I know, you want to be unique. You have to find an audience 1st. I wrote dozens of excellent articles on healthcare, really great tricks of the trade. I failed to draw in readers. You must setup a precedence, which is accomplished by responding, linking, and marketing to other well-known established blogs.

You need to attract readers from similar blogs. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GROW ORGANICALLY! It is not stealing, I promise. My blog, Go Business Mom Go, has tons of competition. While I’ve added my own unique twist there are lots of mommy business bloggers right now. Writing about popular topics is the best way to get noticed and quickly.

Write articles with #s that are popular on social media today and currently trending. Look for what is Pinning the most of Pinterest and write articles with those topics. Please do not plagiarize. Yes, that is still a no-no. However, you can re-tweet though.

  1. Learn SEO

I absolutely despise Search Engine Optimization (SEO); however, you need it. There are little bots running in the background of webpages, mostly from Google, that decide your future. If you do not have Google Fonts, Meta Tags, Keywords, Alt Atributes, etc. your blog will never show up in a search. Unless maybe the user types the exact title of your blog and you are the only site with that specific name.

How did I learn SEO? The truth, trial and error. Honestly, I signed up for a website with 24/7 support. In the beginning, I was on the phone from 12am to 2am each night with Support staff guiding me through the different steps. I read books and blogs, watched videos, goggled just about every term I found in the books and blogs. The best part was slowly (and I mean slowly) watching my 1st blog move up and up on the search list. Now that’s an accomplishment!

I failed at this over and over again. Each time I learned something and kept trying. I crashed my website a few times, luckily I backed it up daily. Bottom line, I got through it. I still despise SEO, but it does work.

SEO is efficient, but it takes time to setup for each and every single article. Writing takes no time at all. Properly setting up the SEO to accompany my new amazing article takes hours! Here are a few articles, I found helpful when I started blogging.

If you still have questions, you can ask me directly. Click Here

  1. Sign up for Affiliating Marketing, etc.

I saved the best part for last. It is time to make some easy money. All the successful and popular blogs participate in affiliated marketing. That’s right! The bloggers make money when you click links or ads on their websites. It might seem deceiving, but it is easy money. When you are starting a blog that is the fastest way to earn real cash.

If you have a blog, you must have a business strategy in mind. I’m sure it involves selling something, which is good. Why else would you have a blog. Think of affiliate marketing as an add-on or extra little boost. We all appreciate a little extra, so sign up. There are a number of affiliate programs. You get to choose how, where, and when the links appear and are displayed. This way you are still in control. I like these sites the best: …… Do your research though. There are a lot of different types and you want to signup with an affiliate marketing program in good standing.

The next step is finding Clients. Seriously, before you ever write an article build your audience. Trust me, it works!

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