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Starting an Awesome Blog with Zero Time or Energy!

I need more hours in the day!! I might be crazy for starting my own business. As a mom with a full-time schedule, there is little down-time. My main worry is being able to afford a great life for my kids, while actually spending quality time with them. When I thought about launching a blog, I had a full-time job. Obviously, maintaining steady income through any transition is a must. I did not have kids… Well, actually shortly after my launch, I found out I was pregnant. My wonderful and very supportive husband was editing my book sitting next to be in the hospital trying to make use of every minute until our son arrived. While I was posting and following up with clients. Totally nuts!

Since his birth, I’ve learned a lot, including a bit better time management. In fact, in 4 short years, I have started 2 businesses, written 1 book, and spent tons of time with my family. The best part, I did it all while keeping my full-time job. You can too!

Launch your blog or business within 30 days [ad], while keeping your full-time job. [Link] Plus, your sanity. The goal is to maintain a steady stream of income with the intent to quit as soon as your self-owned lovely new business can support you. Why – to reduce risk! You can project your initial earnings with lots of research, but there is no guarantee. It is better to take a more conservative approach. I was able to quit my full-time job within 14 months. That might seem like a lot, but I was out on maternity leave the same year. I took the time off, thoroughly embracing our new addition as a new mom. Plus, I spent time to launch my book [link/ad].

Now I enjoy the best of life! I work from home on my very own business surrounded by my family. Often my son is running in and out of the office, screaming “MOM”. He thinks it is hilarious and can open doors also to his amazement. This was slightly embarrassing initially. I realize now it is a treat and my clients think it is adorable. While launching my blog that turned into a successful business, I embraced it all.

How did I do it? The trick is to focus on revenue, i.e. making money. Eliminate all the tasks that do not increase your bottom-line, at least initially. It’s easy to keep a business going that makes profit. In my 30 days to start a business, you only need 1 hour a day to get going quickly. Your attention should be on optimization, not fumbling through startup. This gives you the time to work during the day, cook dinner, and spend a few hours with the kids each day. That’s right each day!

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Download our free Jump start your business 30 day calendar. You will be surprised how fast it is to legally file your business, takes less than an hour. Approval is usually within 24 hours. While you are waiting, you can start your website. I love WordPress [affiliate plug], use it for all my websites. There are so many helpful plugins to make your life easier. [link to favorite plugins]

Let’s get after it! There is no perfect time to launch, life is not going to slow down, and there will never be anymore hours in the day. You just need to be smarter than the clock. Learn how with our Launch a business course [signup]. Don’t worry, I keep it to 1 hour a day. The best part it completely aligns with your goal to launch in 30 days. We do it together, even less risk involved.

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