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Build an Audience the Fast and Easy Way

Congrats! You’ve started a blog and launched your website. Now what? I bet you are hoping your blog will be quickly picked by Google, magically rising to the number 1 search result spot. If not, you might just be staring at your finished product anticipating friends and family will be your key to marketing. The truth is building an audience is work. It’s not magic, but strategy.

The goal is simple: Find as many people to join your network as possible. The strategy is how we locate these willing and eager viewers, who will be transformed into your audience. That’s right, the first step is to get views. You cannot build an audience without people clicking into a link directing their attention to your blog. Posting articles on your blog without marketing does nothing, even if the content is fabulous.

When I started my first blog, I spent hours writing amazing, educational, valuable posts related to healthcare. These articles were packed with information that pertained to everyone. Afterwards, I would spend time posting on LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, etc. If my family and friends liked my articles that would be enough to grow organically. Totally Wrong! I was a flop. My articles were too dense and nobody likes reading about healthcare, even if its necessary. While that realization was saddening that really was not the problem. I had a meaningless network; therefore, no audience. What I learned is I missed a step.

Start with marketing! Really, I mean it. Build your audience 1st. The best social media marketing sites are Pinterest and Linkedin. If you have an Esty or Amazon account, you still need Pinterest and Linkedin.

Pinterest 101

Before you write your first article, sign up for Pinterest. Business accounts are free! Create a home page like your blog and start marketing. The best part is Pinterest provides free and meaningful statistics on your viewers. Why does this matter? You can easily target details about your viewers likes, enabling you to create material aligned with these trends. Again, it costs nada, nothing, $0. Just do not forget to claim your website, so the amazing bots on Pinterest can easily be your marketing assistant. Also, it is simple to follow and join groups with high volume of viewers. This way your Pins are visible to a wider and wider audience. Encourage viewers to follow you. Pinterest Signup Link

Let’s try it! Sign up for Pinterest business account.

Follow me (GoBusinessMomGo) and send me a message through Pinterest with the #BuildanAudience. I will return the favor and follow your new page.

GoBusinessMomGo PinterestLook how easy it was to get your 1st follower. Now keep going, until you have as many people as possible.



Linkedin 102

Great, you are halfway to building your audience. Let’s repeat the process for Linkedin. The best part about Linkedin is the site allows users to re-post blog articles, so this helps with backlinks. LinkedIn Sign inDon’t worry we explain this process in our Backlinks Rock article. However, back to building your audience.

One more step, create a LinkedIn account. Start by sending requests to your business contacts, including me. Use the #BuildanAudience in your request. Once we are connected on Linkedin, our networks are linked. Basically, you just grew your network by 1000s! Healthcare DecipheredBest part it took maybe 30 seconds.

Spend a few hours each day finding and adding viewers to Pinterest and Linkedin. Seriously, I had a goal to find 20 Linkedin and 5 Pinterest users each day. I might have sent out 50 invites for both, but I built my audience quick. Within 2 weeks, I had over 500 Linkedin followers, which I continue to grow. Pinterest clicks (not views) are over 300+ a month. That is a lot of people who see my posts. That’s what you need to do, then write meaningful magnificent blog articles or post about your lovely products. The point is, NOW you have an audience with viewers, who are going to click into your posts and start looking around.  Next we need to keep your audience engaged, #LessBounceRates.