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30 Days to Launch – Make it Easy to Succeed Guide

Never Start a Blog in 5 minute

Truth – Most bloggers make nothing, absolutely nada. My first
attempt at a blog was an epic fail. It was only through perseverance that I finally figured out the algorithm. There is most definitely a method to success, as is with everything. 

First, your blog is a business. 
Second, it takes more then 5-10 minutes to start a blog.

A number of website builders and bloggers advertise about
starting a blog within 5 minutes. Wow, this is amazing. It is totally
incorrect! You can create a website in under an hour, launching a business takes longer, turning a profit requires even more time. This might seem negative. It is reality. How to really start a business is critical.

There are 31 Million Bloggers in the U.S. according to recent surveys, of which 4% ACTUALLY make money. Do you want to be a part of the 4%?

You can! Seriously, within 30 days!

Time Management

There is a magic method that the top bloggers all follow, but rarely ever actually share. To be honest, it is a combination of strategic resources that you must setup when you start your blog. This is the reason; you cannot start a blog within 5 minutes. Ideally, starting a blog will take you anywhere from 150 to 200 hours your first 30 days. Once the site is operational, it is much easier. On average, bloggers post, market, and run their blog in about 10-20 hours a week. 

The secret (reason) bloggers can work less is their strategic construction of apps and software to assist with the management of their websites. We all need plugins! During your launch these will be integral to your success later. Also, it will make your life a lot easier too.

Download my FREE 30 Day Calendar
The calendar provides guidance on what to accomplish in your 1st 30 days, divided into smaller meaningful tasks to keep YOU on track. The end result a market driven blog that makes money!

Next, you do not need to write a new post every day. How to
write less 
is a great article explaining how this works. You need to be strategic. The trend starting right now is to write longer more significant posts. Here is a hint: The magic number for Google is 1,890 words. You guessed it! This post will be between 1,800 and 2,000 words, which will increase my traffic and strength in search results.

Everything you do as a blogger should be strategic. It starts by Setting it Up Right.

The other trick is to promote your own work! Yes, most bloggers have large marketing budgets. The saying is true, “It takes money, to make money”. Especially, when you are building an audience, you need to market your blog appropriately to your target readers. The quickest way to do this is on Linkedin or Pinterest. If you already have a following, perfect! If not, you need to be promoted by someone who has an audience. I promote new (and verified legitimate) bloggers and business owners who are BizMoms.

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Building an audience is important. It is very difficult to capture readers information, let along engage readers for more than 30 seconds. Luckily, Google Analytics (link) will surely provide your bounce and engagement rates in grave detail on your monthly report. There is a way to structure your webpages to keep readers on your site longer. Creating this construction in the beginning will help over the long-term. Once again, another reason why you cannot start a blog in 5 minutes.

Good news, we all had help starting our blogs, even me. I actually have no issue asking for assistance with my blog. Make it Easier (link) is a great place to start!

If you still do not believe, just ask me. Seriously! I’m happy
to answer questions directly. When I started as a Full-time working mom starts a Blog, it was a hectic time. Another Truth, it’s still hectic. My daily schedule is an endurance race every day. This is not to appear negative. I love to run, mostly around chasing my kids and spending time with my hubby. What I value is long-term success to be able to have more quality time with my family.  That’s even why I wrote a book?!

As an entrepreneur, my focus is to grow business. Starting
out in healthcare, I quickly learned the business as an analyst. Having a
background in finance, lead me into operations and development. You need to know your financial goals, which is the foundation. Having this information allows you to build and make decisions that are decisive. My first company, Healthcare Deciphered, was a combination of my background, years of experience, and education. Go Business Mom Go is my passion. It just so happens that both showcase my skill set in business, the fundamentals are the same. If you would like to learn more about my background, please follow me on Linkedin. It is also a great platform to share connections and start building your own audience.

Are you ready to Launch?? Of course, why else would you be
reading this article and taking notes. Stop reading and start your business!

This guide provides real concrete steps to accomplish each day. There are 2 awesome reasons to download this calendar. First, it is free! Second, it is based on real-life. As a new blogger, you likely have a full-time job, plus a family and social activities. Your time is extremely limited. This calendar provides 1 simple task to accomplish each day  within 1-2 hours!

Yes, in 1-2 hours a day you can launch a REAL Blog within 30 Days. Now, that’s a real statistic!

If you are looking for more assistance starting your business, ask (link). I’m happy to offer advice. There is plenty of free advice, but if you are looking for extra help, I offer business packages to really kick start your launch!

In addition, I’m launching a Completely Free Course on Starting a Business for Real. It will be available this Spring 2020. You can signup for early registration below. Plus, for any signups, I’ll send out the list of topics that I’ll cover as part of the course. Just a little incentive.

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When I first started blogging, watching videos was a must. If there was something that I wanted to do in WordPress (link), I would literally search online until figuring it out. Now, it is a little easier. There are a number of good bloggers who offer courses. Try out my 30 Days to Launch – Make it easy to Succeed post!

Just to confirm, as almost every blogger does this, I use WordPress,
Tailwind, Canva, and Fiverr. Seriously, these are necessary. I cannot live without these resources. There is no sense wasting time writing about it, just sign up. You will utilize every single say. WordPress has millions of plugins to help with website templates, formatting, user signup, marketing, security, legal stuff, and the list goes on and on. I will add a note about security for your blog. There is a lot of SPAM, which can slow down your site or you can be hacked. Please add this to your website. Also, there are a few legal statements that you will want to include on your website too. On Pinterest, I have a board with lots of articles to point you in the right direction on both security and legal statements.

There is more to starting a blog then people realize, which is why you need to do it right from the start. The goal of my 30 days to launch program is to provide you with an audience and multiple sources of revenue. Yep, that’s another secret. Successful Bloggers (13%) are making money through several different revenue streams. You should not limit yourself financially.

You need sponsors, affiliate marketing, products, ads, books, courses, and any service that can be provided as part of your blog. That’s your focus for the next 30 days! It is not how sexy your website looks like or
how perfect your first post.

Honestly, I’m a terrible writer! My background is business and health science related. I did not write a paper of any great substance until I was in graduate school. It was painful to write articles. Luckily, my skill set has improved over the years. Initially, it was abysmal. The other tricky part is connecting with your audience.

My first blog, Healthcare Deciphered, was about medical bills, which is a pretty serious topic. My posts were really informative aka utterly boring. Now I’ve embraced my goofiness, which has directly tied to a much larger audience. How do you keep your readers engaged?

Simple – Offer your readers a Marketing Giveaway (link).
Literally, I’ve been doing it this entire articl

;Keep it interesting

Another great part of Launching in 30 Days is spending your limited time wisely. Stop focusing on tasks that generate $0 in revenue, hire people to help with those tasks. Make it easy – Fiverr is a good place to start. You need to spend most of your time setting up revenue sources in your first 30 days, so you can focus on this every other day of your blog. This is the second step right after filing your incorporation documents! That’s it, the first step to start a blog is turning into a business. Make it Legal. Then Market, Market, Market! Notice nowhere in this process did I actually state to post an article. You should be  spending the least amount of time writing. Sorry, it is true. Particularly, during your 1st 30 days.

If you need a little help focusing, Toodledo (link) is my go-to task master. Once you download my 30 Days to Launch Calendar, setup each daily task in Toodledo. You can add in all the other things you need to do, Toodledo will help you prioritize and fit everything into your schedule. Without losing your sanity. That is an important point. Did I mention my hectic schedule (link). It should provide some insight to the fact I understand and get it. My goal is to have income from  multiple revenue streams. The assumption is that you do too, otherwise why read all 1,890 words of this post. 

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What to learn more about me, check out my social media accounts on Linkedin and Pinterest (links). Notice, there is nothing about Facebook or Twitter. These social media sites are great, just never worked for either of my businesses. I only focus on the platforms that generate revenue, as should you.