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Ready to start your blog? This is a great place to start! The most important component is to have an idea, the rest is strategy and marketing. Seriously! The blog is your business, which will fit into your life. Even when you are busy with a full-time job, kids, spouse, friends, and activities there is time to write.

It’s important the blog enhance your life. Startup should be less than 30 days. You should be making money within 3 months. The trick is to keep it simple and follow a few simple steps for real impact. Set 1 task or an hour a day to devote to your new business, before you realize the task list will be complete.

Download our Free 30 Day Setup a Blog Schedule that Works! If you follow me on pinterest and send an email, I’ll send our Free 30 Day Business Setup Guide too. This is the best way to a quick startup. Business Strategy 101 for the ambitious, eager, ready and waiting entrepreneur within you!

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