Ready to start your blog? This is a great place to start! The most important component is to have an idea, the rest is strategy and marketing. Seriously! The blog is your business, which will fit into your life. Even when you are busy with a full-time job, kids, spouse, friends, and activities there is time to write.

It’s important the blog enhance your life. Startup should be less than 30 days. You should be making money within 3 months. The trick is to keep it simple and follow a few simple steps for real impact. Set 1 task or an hour a day to devote to your new business, before you realize the task list will be complete.

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Want to work in your fuzzy sleepers? I do!

It’s time to start your own business, build an audience, and turn a profit. The best part online businesses require very little capital. Now if you only had an idea where to begin??? Again, I do!

You can jump into business in a few steps and successfully launch in a couple of weeks. I did it! My first business, Healthcare Deciphered, catapulted into operation in 2015. After working 10 years as an employee, I finally made the switch to ownership. Let me help develop your business strategy.


Hello and Welcome! It is strange to write about yourself. It is necessary especially on an “about me” page for your newly created website. The truth is it is nerve-wracking. I totally get it!

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With my first blog, Healthcare Deciphered, I agonized over details, Business Mom working on laptopthen I learned my first lesson. It is never perfect or truly worth the effort to be a perfectionist. SEO was a foreign concept to me. Basic terminology like Search Engine Keywords, ALT Text, Meta Description, and the rationale for needing so many backlinks did not take up even a bit of brain space. Now, it consumes my thoughts. Despite myself, my little blog turned into a Real Money-Making Business in less than a year. Continue reading “About”


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Welcome Back! I cannot believe it. You have a blog, built your audience, and almost have a fully successful business. There are only a few steps left. What a world-wind in less than 30 days. However, we not are done yet. We need to keep your audience engaged. Yes, you still need to keep building …